Germ Hero Certified Shield

What Is Germ Hero Verified?

Germ Hero Verified is a status that creates immediate awareness, and builds trust and confidence in your guests and customers that visit your business.

When a business has regularly scheduled disinfection and sanitizing services by the experts at Germ Hero, we provide that business with Germ Hero Verified Shield Plaques. These Germ Hero Verified Shields announce loud and clear to your customers and visitors that your place of business or facility has been properly and efficiently disinfected by the leading industry experts at Germ Hero.

When a business maintains a Germ Hero “Verified Status” by having regular disinfection services at least once a month, that business will gain placement Germ Hero's Verified Business Directory. This shows that Germ Hero, the #1 Disinfection and Sanitizing Service trusted by thousands of people and companies is backing that business as clean and safe facility.

Germ Hero Certified Shield

Building Awareness, and Driving Traffic Back Through Your Doors

Along with the Germ Hero Verified Shields provided for the business, we also promote them on Germ Hero's website, and throughout our social media reach as a Germ Hero Verified Customer. This brings massive exposure, awareness, and builds trust and confidence in the community and its potential customer base.

Our Germ Hero Verified Shields not only immediately build trust and confidence in a business, but when you scan the QR code shown on each shield, it brings you to our website which shows the verification of that business, the disinfection and sanitizing service that was done and when. Furthermore, it educates the customer to understand that the business is taking every precaution and measure to create a safe and germ-free environment for their visitors and customers.

Germ Hero Enterprise Verified Shield in Shopping Mall

What are the benefits?

Custom Disinfection and Sanitizing Solutions from Germ Hero that Safely Kill 99.99% of Harmful Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria in your business

Discounted Pricing for Recurring Disinfection Services

Germ Hero Experts Work 1 on 1 with Your Business to Create a Custom Disinfection Game Plan

Build Trust and Confidence with Visitors and Customers in Your Business

Gain Exposure, and Create Massive Awareness to Bring Customer Traffic Back Through Your Doors

Get Placement in Germ Hero’s Verified Business Directory, and Promoted Throughout Germ Hero’s Social Media Reach

And Of Course, Everything you Get with Germ Hero’s Standard Disinfection and Sanitizing Services


Germ Hero is Trusted by thousands
of people and businesses.