1. What is Germ Hero?
    Germ Hero is the #1 Disinfection and Sanitizing Company / Service for Home & Business. We deliver Fast, Affordable, and Safe Disinfection and Sanitizing Services that Kill 99.99% of harmful Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria in your Residential Home, or your Commercial Business.
  2. Is it safe? Can people be around while Germ Hero is disinfecting?
    Absolutely, all of our products are 100% Safe, EPA Certified, Non-Toxic, Non-Harmful Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive, Non-Abrasive, Safe for Humans, Pets, and the Environment. It is even safe to use on Food-contact surfaces, and there is no need for wiping, washing, or ventilation.
  3. What are people saying about Germ Hero?
    We are getting an overwhelming, positive, embracing response from the business community. People are so appreciative that they have friendly experts to rely on for their Disinfection and Sanitary needs. We are a small team currently, but growing very quickly, and we are in the process of training a handful of new Germ Hero’s.
  4. Does Germ Hero offer free estimates or quotes?
    Absolutely, simply fill out our Free Estimate form easily and conveniently online at: https://germhero.com/estimate/ or call us 1-800-497-1488
  5. How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment easily and conveniently online at: https://germhero.com/booking or call us 1-800-497-1488
  6. Who does Germ Hero service?
    Germ Hero Disinfects and Sanitizes anywhere, and everywhere. We disinfect homes of any size, and businesses of any type including restaurants, offices, gyms, and retail stores and many more. We also disinfect and sanitize cars, vehicles, trucks, and outdoor areas.
  7. How quickly does it work?
    Germ Hero’s disinfection services begin to work immediately, killing a wide array of Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria in just seconds on contact.
  8. How long does it take?
    The amount of time required to perform disinfection services is highly dependent on the size of the area to be cleaned. But a typical treatment usually takes about an hour.
  9. How long does it last?
    Germ Hero Disinfection and Sanitizing Services provides a protective layer on surfaces that continuously fights and kills germs for up to 2 weeks after treatment. Of course, every business and home is different and more high volume areas should be treated more often.
  10. What equipment and technology does Germ Hero use?
    Germ Hero uses the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as Electrostatic spraying and ULV Atomized fogging.
  11. What is Electrostatic Disinfecting?
    Electrostatic spray gives objects an even, 360-degree coating by electrically charging liquid particles. When sprayed, these germ fighting particles bind together and wrap around harmful microorganisms killing them instantly on surfaces, while protecting and coating for ongoing germ-fighting even after treatment.
  12. What is ULV Atomized Fogging?
    Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. These applications are used for disinfecting and sanitizing large areas and outdoor vicinities. These super small micron particles create a fog-like appearance and kill germs in the air, walls, ceiling, minuscule crevices, and hard to reach areas.
  13. What exactly is the disinfection solution that Germ Hero sprays?
    Our solution is a powerful, yet safe broad-spectrum Germicidal, Bactericidal, and Virucidal. In plain terms, our solution is proven to kill 99.99% of Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria in just seconds on contact.
  14. What’s the Process? How does Germ Hero Disinfect a Home or Business?
    Every home and business is different. We offer a free consultation, and free estimate to every customer to ensure that each job is done right. We analyze, and measure the square feet of a home or business to ensure we are using enough Germ killing power. We also guide the customer on how to prepare before each treatment, and how to keep their facility as Germ Free as possible.
  15. How much does Germ Hero Services cost?
    Germ Hero is on average 3x more affordable than other disinfection companies and services. Producing a quote for electrostatic disinfection is highly dependent on the location and size of the space to be cleaned, the number and size of objects in the space itself, and the frequency of services administered. For more complex facilities, an in-person evaluation is required to provide a quote. Our standard residential home rates are 20 cents per square foot for residential and 25 cents per square foot for commercial businesses.
  16. How do I get in touch with Germ Hero for a Free Estimate?
    You can request an estimate on our website in just 30 seconds on our website at http://germhero.com/estimate or by calling 1-800-497-1488
  17. What are the major benefits of using Germ Hero vs Regular cleaning?
    Germ Hero’s disinfection services save time, energy, and costs across the board by presenting a more efficient alternative to traditional disinfection techniques and cleaning solution applications. For desktops, floors, and walls that need to be disinfected, electrostatic spraying is the best option. The same goes for equipment and hard-to-reach places; if a piece of equipment is heavily trafficked, electrostatic spray can completely remove germs, viruses, and bacteria. Electrostatic helps control infection and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.
    – Applies disinfecting agents to surfaces in a controlled manner to eliminate overuse.
    – Protects companies against costly financial burdens associated with contagious infections and supports long-term cleaning efforts
    – Serves as a defense from cross-contamination and moving germs and bacteria from one surface to another
    – Reduces the time it takes to disinfect surfaces by 50%
  18. How are businesses benefiting from Germ Hero Disinfection and Sanitizing Services?
    Along with expert disinfection services, Germ Hero also focuses on helping businesses on an economic level by driving more traffic through their doors.

    Germ Hero provides every business with Germ Hero Verified Shield Plaques that let their visitors and customers know that their business or facility has been properly and efficiently disinfected by the leading industry Experts at Germ Hero. When a business maintains a Germ Hero “Verified Status” by having regular disinfection services at least once a month, Germ Hero lists them in their Verified Business Directory, promotes them on their website, and throughout social media as a Germ Hero Verified Customer. This brings massive exposure, awareness, and builds trust and confidence in the business and its potential customer base.

    Our Germ Hero Verified Shields not only immediately builds trust and confidence in a business, but when you scan the QR code shown on each shield, it brings you to our website which shows the verification of that business, the disinfection and sanitizing service that was done and when, and further educates the customer to understand that this business is doing everything they can to create a safe environment for them.
  19. Why should I choose Germ Hero Disinfection and Sanitizing Services?
     – Germ Hero is the #1 Disinfection and Sanitizing Service for Home & Business
    – Leading Disinfection Industry Experts
    – Kills 99.99% of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria
    – 3x more affordable than other disinfection companies
    – EPA Registered and CDC recommended products
    – 100% Safe for people, pets, and the environment
    – No ventilation, wiping, or rinsing required. (Even on food surfaces!)
    – Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable
    – Latest cutting-edge technology (Electrostatic and Atomized spraying)
    – Incredible personalized support, fast turn-around, and customized solutions
    – Convenient and secure online estimates, booking, and payments
    – Germ Hero Certified Shield – Build trust and confidence within your business.
  20. How do I prepare my home or business for Germ Hero disinfection and sanitizing?
    Someone receiving Germ Hero disinfection services can prepare their space for cleaning by decluttering and storing items that do not need to be sprayed, such as loose papers and other objects covering large amounts of surface area. Having these items out in an area can impede a Germ Hero technician’s ability to apply cleaning solutions quickly and easily.
    – Remove paperwork and folders, clothing, garbage, clutter, and any other items from surfaces
    – Store all food, open containers, dishware, and cutlery in a safe space away from surfaces
    – Ensure floors are free of unnecessary items
    – Take down all decorations so that walls and surfaces may be easily cleaned
  21. Is electrostatic disinfection and sanitizing right for my home or business?
    Electrostatic disinfection is used at countless types of facilities and is most beneficial to those that see regular high traffic, contain hard-to-reach objects that need cleaning, have increased exposure to harmful microorganisms or experience or suspect an outbreak of an infectious disease. It is also effective in spaces where mold has been spotted. Some spaces that use electrostatic cleaning include homes, corporate buildings, restaurants and bars, medical and healthcare facilities, K-12 schools and university campuses, commercial kitchens, houses of worship, clean rooms, and R&D facilities.
  22. Does electrostatic spray damage any sensitive surfaces?
    Electrostatic spray is safe to use around sensitive surfaces, such as wood, upholstery and electronics. Our disinfecting agents will not cause any damage as they are all non-corrosive.