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What do we offer?

On-Site Covid-19 Testing

Residential and Commercial

On-Demand or Schedule Ahead of Time

Non-Invasive Saliva Test / No Swab

99.999% Accurate PCR Testing

Trusted Professionals / Experts

Quick Results / Early Detection

Need a Covid-19 test in a moments notice? Want to have your employees tested at your place of business? We provide on-demand COVID-19 testing for commercial and residential. With no need to leave your home or business, we’ll come directly to you to administer our non-invasive COVID-19 tests.

Superior Covid-19 Testing

Why use Germ Hero Covid-19 Testing?

Trusted Experts

Tests are administered by Germ Hero’s team of highly trained experts.

Non-Invasive Saliva Test

Gentle collection using a non-invasive oral mouth rinse (saliva test). Approved by FDA under EUA.

No Nose / Mouth Swab

No uncomfortable nose or mouth swab invasive collection method.

Accurate PCR Testing

Our tests are performed with a PCR Based Lab Analysis with 99.999% Accuracy.

Quick Results / Early Detection

Our streamlined testing process delivers results right to your phone in 48 hours or less.

No Physician Referral

No need for a physician or doctor referral. Just choose one of the test options above to get started.

How it works

Get your Covid-19 Test Results in 4 Easy Steps

1. Book A Service

Use our flexible booking calendar to schedule a day and time for your test

2. Register Your Test

Follow the instructions provided to register for your Covid-19 Test

3. Take Your Test

Our experts will show up to your location and administer your test

4. Results to Your Phone

You'll receive accurate test results right to your phone in 48 hours or less

Science and Technology

  • Quicksal Oral Rinse Technology
  • Benefits of Quiksal Covid Testing

Revolutionary Oral Rinse PCR Covid Test that is 99.999% Accurate

  • Results are provided within 48 hours or less. Developed, manufactured and approved for use in the USA.
  • A .07-ounce oral rinse that is gargled in the mouth for 60 seconds and then returned into its container.
  • Does not need to be administered by a registered medical professional.
  • Food grade, safe, and FDA Approved
  • Eliminates the need for the nasopharyngeal swab and its uncomfortable and invasive collection method.
  • Safe for children and seniors.
  • The ingredients in Quiksal cause the salivary glands to produce 7x the sample size of the saliva test.
  • 100% covered by insurance or Medicare.

Quicksal Oral Rinse Technology

  • Formulated to be shelf life stable at room temp for 2 years
  • All oral wash components pre/post collection are food grade and safe
  • One minute collection time yields 3-6 mL of collected oral fluid. No special training or additional equipment/personnel is needed for specimen collection.
  • Formulated to be post collection stabled for archived toxicology samples at -20C for > 1 year.