Coronavirus Covid-19 Recurrence and Readmission

What are the possibilities of Coronavirus Covid-19 recurrence and readmissions? Many people are asking, let’s look at the facts…

Having recovered from the coronavirus does not make you immune to it. That is the sad truth, contrary to the idea that was circulating at the beginning of the pandemic that the antibodies we develop against the virus protect us from catching it again. Antibodies certainly provide protection, but to what extent, for how long and whether this applies to new virus variants, is still unknown.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has analyzed data for patients with COVID-19 who were admitted between March and July and saw that 9% of coronavirus patients who had been released from the hospital have been readmitted within 2 months, mostly due to respiratory distress as a symptom. Out of this number, 1.6% have been readmitted even more than once.

Who is vulnerable to COVID-19 Recurrence?

People with high risk of contracting the virus again are the same people vulnerable to contracting the virus at all, such as those older than 65 and with pre-existing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, liver disease, chronic pulmonary disease, and substance abuse. Readmitted patients may have a more severe clinical course that demands longer hospital stay and more intensive care. On the other hand, those with antibodies that do give them protection may have very mild symptoms second time around and then just act as virus carriers, thereby putting their surrounding at risk.

Readmissions due to COVID-19 diagnosis give us additional reason to worry, aside from the fact that our health is severely hit in the process, and that is the strain it puts on the hospital system that is already heavily burdened in the US as well as worldwide. With the virus spreading to new patients, and with recurring cases added to the number, the healthcare system crisis may be escalating dramatically.

If you have recovered from COVID-19, there is no reason to consider yourself corona-proof or give yourself a break when it comes to precaution. What’s more, you should be as vigilant as possible when taking all necessary and recommended measures. So make sure to keep your distance, wash hands, and of course put maximum effort to have your home, your work space, and in general the environment that you spend your time in completely clean, disinfected and sanitized. Also, if you need to visit certain businesses as a customer, choose only those trustworthy and with clear decontamination procedures that are followed with quality and professionalism.