Marissa Hawkins owner of 7 Massage Envy Las Vegas locations has partnered with Germ Hero to ensure her business locations are thoroughly and safely disinfected and sanitized.

Massage Envy Las Vegas Partners with Germ Hero

As a result of ensuring a safe location with Germ Hero Commercial Disinfection Services has brought trust, loyalty, and confidence with her customers. Through joint awareness efforts, Massage Envy clients know that every possible measure is being taken to deliver a sanitary environment through expert disinfection services by Germ Hero.

Another wave of rising cases with a new highly contagious strain of Covid-19 Coronavirus is taking place around the world. Customers and clients must constantly be reassured by business owners that they are taking the proper precautions. With thorough research done by Massage Envy Las Vegas, they have entrusted and chosen Germ Hero to be their disinfection partner. With safe and effective applications methods like electrostatic spraying Germ Hero can disinfect and sanitize every square inch of a Massage Envy facility, as well as deliver ongoing protection for their clients.

In addition to CDC guidelines like regular cleaning, social distancing, masks, and frequent handwashing, the most proactive measure that can be taken to reduce Covid-19 exposure is to partner with an expert disinfection company like Germ Hero. Therefore, by using their Coronavirus Covid-19 disinfection service customer Massage Envy Las Vegas has won back the loyalty and trust of customers during this pandemic, and boosted their business.

Massage Envy Las Vegas Locations

Massage Envy W Flamingo
9484 W Flamingo Rd Suite 150
(702) 368-3689

Massage Envy W Charleston
8950 W Charleston Blvd Suite 7 · In Boca Park
(702) 212-3689

Massage Envy W Lake Mead
7175 W Lake Mead Blvd Suite 174 · In Rock_Springs plaza
(702) 567-3689

Massage Envy N Decatur
6475 N Decatur Blvd #160 · In Shadow Mountain Market Place
(702) 836-3689

Massage Envy Centennial Center
5643 Centennial Center Blvd Ste 135 · In Centennial Gateway
702) 228-3689

Massage Envy N Durango
7140 N Durango Dr #140 · In Montecito Marketplace
702) 839-9997

Massage Envy S Rainbow
6870 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 122 · In Plaza Rey
(702) 436-3689

Massage Envy Blue Diamond
4280 Blue Diamond Rd Building Suite 101 · In Blue Diamond Crossing
(702) 851-3689