Business owners and managers alike are bogged down by daily duties and responsibilities. In turn, keeping your building sanitized requires in-depth commercial disinfection, partnered with daily cleanings from competent janitorial staff. Whether you are running a storefront or some other retail location, guests and staff rely on you to maintain a safe and disinfected space in which they can feel safe. In a post-COVID world, there are many details and obligations to consider before hosting inhabitants of any kind.

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Ultimately, it can be difficult not to overlook some of the less thought elements within your building when sanitizing your space. From dark corners to those hard to reach areas, now is not the time to neglect any components in need of disinfection—especially if you wish to remain open and prosperous. As a business owner in today’s world, you are responsible for providing a happy, healthy environment where customers and staff can thrive. To ensure you have thoroughly disinfected every part of your business, look at the top things most businesses forget to clean and create an all-inclusive plan.

Air Vents

It is no secret that central air heating and cooling is an essential part of any workplace. When was the last time someone cleaned your air vents? With a steady buildup of dirt, dust, and debris, it is easy for these impurities to impact the air we breathe negatively. To protect employees with allergies, air vents should be cleaned multiple times a year, replacing the filters accordingly (at least twice a year). To be completely thorough, air vents should be wiped daily to remove dust and debris before becoming problematic.


Viruses and harmful pathogens are easily transferred from person to person – especially on commonly touches surfaces like doorknobs. These hotbeds of bacteria should be avoided if necessary but cleaned multiple times daily. A dependable disinfectant like Clorox Bleach Wipes removes viruses and eliminates 99% of all germs.

Light Switches and Fixtures

When you consider how easily germs are passed around, sanitizing commonly touched surfaces like light switches and fixtures is a no-brainer. While it is easy to overlook fixtures like these, light switches should be disinfected repeatedly throughout the day. Again, Clorox Bleach Wipes are highly effective. Additionally, keeping light fixtures clean reduces the dispersal of dust into our air. Once a week, the disinfection of light fixtures is recommended to protect your assets.


Office buildings and retail stores alike use their fair share of keyboards to carry out their business. Because keyboards are more of a permanent fixture, it can be challenging to remember to disinfect them regularly. Viruses like COVID are spread through exhaled droplets that can land on surfaces like these. The average keyboard has 400X more bacteria than a toilet seat. In addition to frequent handwashing, the keyboard should be disinfected at least once weekly.

Printers and Copy Machines

Commonly used office equipment does not get much attention—until it breaks, of course. While it is difficult to assess how many viruses and bacteria live on these machines, you are much better safe than sorry. With internal vents and machinery, weekly cleanings are necessary not only for bacteria but for air quality as well. Dirty fans, for example, build up over time and can lead to overheating. As you can see, disinfecting office equipment is paramount not only to our health but for its functionality.


COVID is capable of living on hard surfaces for anywhere between 3-8 days, depending on the material. Hard surfaces like stairs are especially susceptible to prolonged exposure, hosting bacteria and viruses for up to a week. Rather than allow germs to spread about the stairs in your business, thorough daily cleaning is an absolute must in addition to monthly disinfection.

Trash Cans

Trash cans house all our garbage, from food to old paperwork. With most staff using various trash cans daily, we mustn’t overlook these bins when cleaning. Office trash cans see daily contact from employees and should be wiped regularly. Once a week, trash can disinfection is ideal, with daily surface disinfection for the top/lid. Employees should also normalize washing their hands after each visit to the trash.

Getting Back to Business with Germ Hero

Getting Back to Business with Germ Hero

While commercial disinfection services from reputable companies like Germ Hero are the perfect first step, the responsibility of maintaining a safe, clean environment falls on your shoulders. To remain in business with a happy staff and customer base, business owners should enact an ongoing disinfection plan that is easy to follow. From routine handwashing to thorough daily disinfection of fixtures and commonly touched surfaces, a detailed daily cleaning schedule is the only way to protect your assets from viral and bacterial impurtities.

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