In the wake of a global pandemic, many precautions and preparatory steps are necessary to protect staff and customers alike. It has only been a matter of months since COVID began taking its toll on the world, changing the way we live and work. As the virus continues to wreak havoc around the globe, public life is increasingly dangerous. From the shopping mall to the office, the chances of spreading illness-causing germs are enormous.

Building owners everywhere are faced with a tough decision between shutting down and remaining open. While many organizations are finding ways to work remotely, some businesses work with sensitive information and tasks that require employees on the premises at all times. To protect your assets and help employees feel safe at work, heavy disinfection and consistent communication are a must. Check out the following tips for protecting your workplace and the people that keep business rolling, even in the most uncertain times.

Protecting Employees Health and Safety

With the Center for Disease Control (CDC), business owners must follow detailed instructions regarding the safe sanitization of their building. Only then can employees feel safe enough to get their job done without having to stress about infection.

Use Proper Protection for Disinfection

PPE or personal protective equipment is designed to protect us while eliminating germs and harmful pathogens. The CDC strongly recommends employing PPE like disposable gloves and a gown. Together, these items keep germs and bacteria away from your hands and clothing. Furthermore, a cloth mask or face covering will prevent you from breathing in disinfectants and polluting your lungs. After each disinfection or trash removal, all PPE should be removed and disposed of immediately.

Always Clean Before Disinfection

Before going in for thorough disinfection, consider cleaning the area first with some detergent or soap and water. This solution is effective in removing the small particles that can carry COVID-19 and other viruses. By reducing the presence of illness-causing germs, disinfection becomes even more useful.

Employ CDC Recommended Cleaning Solutions

Many disinfectants are EPA-approved. That said, if you are unable to shop around, bleach is an easy all-in-one product on which you can always depend. According to the CDC’s list N, many sanitizing solutions can kill Coronavirus cells. If you require a quality disinfectant, the following products are highly efficient against the virus.

  • Bleach solutions
  • Alcohol products containing 70% alcohol
  • Products containing ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium

Mandate Proper Precautionary Methods

I know we are all tired of COVID-related restrictions, but they exist for a good reason. Managers and business owners alike should follow suit and incorporate different policies to ensure your staff takes proper precautions within the building. Employees must mask up first and foremost. Frequent handwashing should be encouraged multiple times daily to avoid spreading germs. Lastly, spacing out employees where possible is the safe way to do business and help your staff feel comfortable in their environment. Six feet is enough distance to work securely. You might also want to stock up on hand sanitizer to spread about the office.

Regularly Scheduled Commercial Disinfection

The passionate experts at Germ Hero offer sanitizing services for both the home and office. When it comes to disinfection, electrostatic spraying with EPA-certified solutions is the only way to remove viruses and eliminate 99% of all germs and harmful pathogens. If you are trying to run a business, frequent commercial disinfection from companies like Germ Hero is the only way to ensure your space is safe for inhabitants.

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