Weera Thai – Las Vegas is Germ Hero Certified 99.99% Germ Free Facility.

Weera Thai Disinfected & Sanitized Locations by Germ Hero:

    4276 Spring Moutain Rd. #105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
    3839 W Sahara Ave. #9, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Germ Hero Disinfection and Sanitizing Service Information for Weera Thai:

  • Disinfection & Sanitizing Services Performed
    Complete Business Disinfection and Sanitizing
    Broad Spectrum Disinfectant – Germicidal, Virucidal, Bactericidal. Kills 99.9% of Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens, Flu, Mold, and Fugi
  • Last Date of Service:
    July 30th 2020

Weera Thai Kitchen is a Thai street food lifestyle served in dishes and plates for you to explore and enjoy. They are Thai at heart but their restaurant is anything but traditional. Their recipes come from far and wide. Some are handed down from our grandmothers; some are inspired by their travel memories; and others are improvised from their midnight fridge raids.

Thai street food lifestyle is taste of modern contradictions & chills fish sauce, the city of creative chaos where east meets west, traditional meets international, street meets couture, all fused together in a beautiful chaotic way.

They always provide excellent ambiance and creative experiences for customers to set them apart from our competitors such as the amazing quality of food, cleanliness, and the service. No matter  where you are come from, at Weera Thai, they serv you as family.

Weera Thai-Issan Cuisine was established in 1978 and still counting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They were known for their Larb Duck. Which is ground boneless duck with spices, herbs, lime juice and chili. This is how they named their very first establishment as “Weera Larb Ped.” In 2010, they branched out here in Las Vegas, Nevada and renamed the restaurant to become more moderated as “Weera Thai-Issa Cuisine.”