For many of us, the state of the country right now is unlike anything we have ever seen. The Covid-19 pandemic has single-handedly shut down much of the country, with different restrictions spanning from state to state. While we have seen other health threats in America like H1N1 and Mad Cow Disease, nothing quite compares to the Coronavirus and its health and economic impacts. With restrictions varying from state to state, businesses of all kinds are shut down to prevent any further spreading of this nasty virus.

Covid-19 & Reopening

As time passes, we see states begin to life restrictions to return to business as usual. Before businesses and organizations can reopen, there are quite a few points to consider. Using the official CDC guidelines as laid out by the Commercial Cleaning Corporation, employees and customers return to a safe and sanitized environment. With this checklist, forming an executable reopening plan is possible.

A Detailed Checklist for Thorough Sanitation

Thorough disinfection and sanitizing of rooms and elements within your building are imperative. If you find yourself in the position of a building owner or as part of the HR department, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure this checklist is followed thoroughly. When executed correctly, this official CDC outline will help you implement, develop, and effectively maintain a successful reopening plan.

Step 1. Developing a Plan

By first identifying all the surfaces and materials that make up your building, you can implement a thorough disinfection plan. So, to begin your reopening, start by identifying what needs to be cleaned. These could include but are not limited to:

disinfection plan
  • If your building is an office, school, or another facility that has gone unoccupied for 7+ days, it will only require more routine cleaning. However, amid Coronavirus, thorough commercial disinfection services are highly recommended before allowing occupants into the building
  • All surfaces and objects that go without frequent touch should be efficiently cleaned. Although, these elements do not necessarily require disinfection
  • If, for instance, you are dealing with an outside area, this too will require more normal, routine cleaning as opposed to chemical sanitizing

Naturally, there is proper equipment and protection equipment required to perform cleaning and maintenance. It is your job to now determine which resources and equipment are necessary to get the job done correctly.

  • Research and discover your best options as far as cleaners, personal protection equipment (PPE), and disinfectants are concerned. Furthermore, you want also to consider their availability
  • When cleaning, you always want to protective gloves and clothing that are certified to keep you safe from various potentially harmful chemicals

Step 2. Putting Your Plan into Action

When disinfection time comes, you want to read the instructions for any cleaning and sanitizing products thoroughly. Furthermore, be sure to pair them with the necessary PPE before beginning the disinfection process.


To begin, go ahead and clean all your visibly dirty objects and surfaces with soap and water

  • Once you have successfully cleaned your objects and surfaces, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

Be sure to utilize the RIGHT cleaning and disinfection products for your specific needs

Appropriately implement your products by following what is on the label

  • Be careful to follow instructions found on the label for all your disinfection and cleaning products. Pay close attention to the product’s concentration, application instructions, dilution, contact time, and every other consideration

Step 3. Uphold and Revise Your Plan as is Necessary

To uphold disinfection and sanitizing efforts, you want to implement a plan that lasts with easy to follow steps. One should make revisions as local, state, and federal guidance is released.

Continue cleaning and disinfection measures regularly

  • All your surfaces that are frequently touches by multiple people should always be cleaned and disinfected at least once daily

Uphold and enforce safe behavioral practices

  • Make safe, sanitized behavioral practices a habit. Follow all social distancing measures and promote frequent hand washing, wearing appropriate face coverings, and staying home when ill

Regularly employ practices that reduce the risk of potential exposure

  • Surfaces that are touched frequently are most effectively disinfected when wiped prior to, and after they are touched

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