DragonRidge Country Club in Henderson Nevada partnered up with Germ Hero to become the their official disinfection partner. With a second wave of rising Covid-19 cases Germ Hero is working directly with management at DragonRidge Country Club. Together, they will ensure cleaner, safer, more sanitary facilities for it’s guests, members, and residents.

What can the Community expect from this new partnership?

The Germ Hero team will provide regular expert disinfection and sanitizing services for public facilities at the DragonRidge Country Club. Every inch of facilities will be disinfected with high-end Electrostatic Spraying techniques to ensure that 99.99% of Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria are eliminated, cutting down on chances and probability of infection and cross-contamination.

Originally Germ Hero sponsored disinfection services for Darren Waller Foundation’s event held at the DragonRidge Country club for his Beyond the Wall Gala back in September. Management at the DragonRidge got to know the Germ Hero team and were so thrilled with their services that they decided to partner up for ongoing disinfection as an effort to keep their facilities sanitary.

“We are here for the Las Vegas community, that is what Germ Hero is all about” – Eric Zhivalyuk, Germ Hero Co-Founder. “We have worked with other communities like Mountains Edge to offer fast, safe, affordable services in an attempt to make our communities safer”

DragonRidge Country Club will officially be a Germ Hero Verified Facility and will receive regular ongoing services.

“We look forward to showing Las Vegas, that there are people out there doing everything they can do keep people safe”

Germ Hero will Disinfect the following facilities at DragonRidge

  • All Common Areas / Hallways
  • Offices / Staff areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurant / Bar Areas
    • Dragon Grille
    • Montrose
    • ONYX Bar
  • Back Kitchens
  • Ballrooms
  • Athletic Facilities / Gyms

Germ Hero’s Frequently Asked Questions explain how their services work, and why they are the leading disinfection and sanitizing company.